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Ptarmigan Software provides consulting, software customization and software development services for ESRI's ArcGIS family of products. We specialize in software and services for the electric, gas and telecommunications companies. We have tools to help analyze your networks, tools to increase your productivity, and tools to interface with your other enterprise systems.

We have several Esri Addin's that can help you maintain and analyze your utility networks with Esri core technology. Our solutions let you get the most out of your network database by managing your infrastructure in Desktop and letting you enjoy the many benefits of the Platform, including ArcGIS Online, mobile apps like Collector, and the new apps being developed by Esri for Utilities.

We provide data conversion services from various CAD and other GIS platforms to ArcGIS, as well as tools that streamline the export of utility network model and background information to various CAD formats, as well as most of the network modeling packages like Milsoft, Cyme, SynerGEE and ABB.

Here's some of the places where we've recently helped utility companies that are using ArcGIS products.

Our Latest News...

DoCoMo Pacific, Tamuning, Guam is implementing Ptarmigan's Condor product to manage their fiber and coax communiations asset data.

Ptarmigan is assisting Centracom, Fairview, UT with setting up their Esri environment and converting their fiber, coax, copper and wireless communications asset data from Autocad to ArcGIS.

Ketchikan Public Utilities Commission, Ketchikan, AK is up and running with their Esri implementation for electric, water, stormwater and sewer after their sucessful data conversion from AutoDesk Topobase!

Northeast Missouri Power Cooperative, Palymra, MO selected Ptarmigan to convert their legacy KMZ, Shape file, Access and Excel data for their transmission assets to Esri.

Graham County Electric Cooperative, Pima, AZ was assisted by Ptarmigan to review their current workflows and database architecture to better prepare them for the future of GIS.

The City of Fargo, MN chose Ptarmigan's Condor Fiber Management solution to better model their fiber network for their data, traffic lights and other city assets.

Western Cooperative Electric Association, WaKeeney, KS has chosen Ptarmigan Software to convert their electric facility information from their legacy Manifold GIS database to Esri.

Aera Energy, Bakersfield, CA has implemented the Condor Fiber Management system to track and analyze their fiber assets.

Falcon, Ptarmigan's Staking/Design/Estimating solution, was chosen by Menasha City Utilities, Menasha, WI for their work sketches and design estimates.

Ptarmigan was chosen by the Clarksville Light and Water, Clarksville, AR to convert their water, sewer and electric AutoCAD files to Esri, including implementation of Condor, Ptarmigan's Fiber Management solution.

The City of New Ulm, MN has selected Ptarmigan for data conversion services and will also implement Kestrel for interfacing to Windmil.

Ptarmigan has expanded it's Kestrel Cyme toolset to include the ability to export a downtown networked power grid from an Esri geodatabase, first implemented at Seattle City Light, Seattle, WA.

The City of Arcadia, Arcadia, WI has selected Ptarmigan to convert their existing electric, water, wastewater and stornwater datasets from Beehive GIS to Esri.

Guam Telecom, Tamuning, Guam to be implementing Ptarmigan's Condor Fiber Management Toolset.

Ligtel Telephone, Ligonier, IN to be implementing Ptarmigan's Condor Fiber Management Toolset.

Franklin PUD, Pasco, WA and Hope Water and Light, Hope, AR implements Ptarmigan's Condor Fiber Management Toolset.

Salmon River Electric Cooperative, Challis, ID converts from Chapel Mapping to Esri ArcGIS and ArcGIS Online with services from Ptarmigan.

CoServ Electric, Denton, TX uses Ptarmigan's Kestrel toolset to export their electric network model to Windmil.

Ptarmigan chosen to perform data conversion and ArcGIS implementation services for Central Louisianna Electric Company (CLECO), Alexandria, LA.

Upper Peninsula Power Company (UPPCO) implements Ptarmigan's Falcon for Staking and Kestral for Cyme after going live with Esri GIS.

Ptarmigan converts Heber Power and Light's AutoCAD mapping data to Esri ArcGIS Server with network connectivity, tracability and mobile support.

Falcon, Ptarmigan's Fiber/Coax/HFC Management System is implemented at Mud Lake Telephone, Debois, ID, Consolidated Companies, Lincoln, NE,  Muscatine Power and Water, Muscatine, IA and the City of Richland, Richland, WA.

Metropolitian Utilities District, Omaha, NE uses Ptarmigan's enhanced gas and water valve isolation tracing toolsets.

Ptarmigan is assisting New Mexico Gas Company with enhancements of their DNV GL Essentials Mobile GIS applications.

Central Electric Power Cooperative, Jefferson City, MO selected Ptarmigan to architect their Electric Transmission GIS environment.

New tools have been developed to load PLS/CADD models into ArcGIS.

Seattle City Light implements Ptarmigan Kestrel network export toolset to interface with Cooper's CYME Network Modeling software.

Citizens Energy Group installs Critical Valve Management software developed by Ptarmigan Software.

Metropolitian Utilities District, Omaha, NE implements Ptarmgian's Gas and Water Outage Management solution.

Ptarmigan teams up with Click Software to provide Esri based mobile maps for Click Mobile and Click Schedule Work Force Management software for Ameren Energy Services.

First Energy, Akron, OH selects Ptarmigan/Swova to provide ArcGIS solutions for Transmission Line GIS and Transmission Line Maintenance systems.

Ptarmigan's 'Condor' Fiber Management System is implemented at the City of Richland, WA.

Ptarmigan provides City Utility of Springfield, Springfield, MO with software to help the Meter Reading department level the routes prior to and during their AMI rollout.

Ptarmigan teams up with several utility companies to develop a Telecommunications package for ArcGIS that supports fiber, coax and twisted pair copper mediums.

The City of San Maros Electric Department upgrades their Esri Enterprise Geodatabase to an electric model that will provide enhanced functionality.

Ptarmigan Software develops tools for Inland Power & Light, Spokane, WA to provide Washington One-Call with information about underground facilities.

The City of Richland Energy Services Department, Richland, WA selected Ptarmigan Software to move their CAD-based GIS to ArcGIS.

Otter Tail Power Company, Fergus Falls, MN picks Ptarmigan Software to perform a pilot for moving their CAD data to Esri's ArcGIS platform.

Ptarmigan announces it's enhanced Kestrel product, adding the ability to export electric load models to Cooper Power Systems's Cyme product.

Citizens Energy Group, Indianapolis, IN uses Ptarmigan Software to develop an ArcGIS-based Cathodic Protecting Maintenance and Reporting System, plus an ArcGIS-based Valve Inspection  System.

Ptarmigan Software creates tools to interface meter information from TWACS to ArcGIS.

The City of Hope, AR chooses Ptarmigan Software to move their electrc, water and wastewater infrastructure data from AutoCAD to Esri.

City Utilities of Springfield, MO enlists Ptarmigan Software to develop an Esri Workflow Manager Vegetation Management System built around their existing Esri/ArcFM system.
Ptarmigan Software is working with Lonestar Transmission, a subsidiary of NextERA Energy, to develop a foundation for their Electric Transmission GIS.

Peninsula Lighting, Gig Harbor, WA enlists the help of Ptarmigan Software with their 4DL/Certalogic GIS data conversion to Esri technology, and will also be rolling out Ptarmigan's 'Kestral' software to export the information about the electric distribution model to GL's SynerGEE system.

Ptarmigan Software helps Carroll Electric Cooperative, Berryville AR, Citizens Energy Group, Indianapolis IN, Memphis Light, Gas and Water, Memphis TN and SEMCO Energy, Port Huron, MI with WMX implementations.

Citizens Energy Group, Indianapolis, IN in production with ArcGIS after a successful conversion of their gas, steam and chilled water GIS assets from Smallworld 4, including several functional replacements for their legacy design management software.

Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative, Ozark, AR joins Sam Houston Electric Cooperative, Livingston, TX and Carroll Electric Cooperative Corporation, Berryville, AR and begins using 'Kestral', Ptarmigan's ArcGIS to Network Modeling Interface software used to feed data to Milsoft's Windmil application.

Ptarmigan Software awarded "Utility Sector Business Partner of the Year" by ESRI.

Sam Houston Electric Cooperative, Livingston, TX implements the 'Hawk' ArcGIS Viewer and the CGI Pragma OMS Interface developed by Ptarmigan Software.

Texas Gas Company, a division of OneOK, Tulsa, OK, teams with Ptarmigan Software to migrate DWG data for their El Paso gas operation to ArcGIS.

CPS Energy, San Antonio, TX and Clallam Public Utility District implements Ptarmigan's 'Kite' Right-Of-Way Vegetation Management tool to help track tree trimming activities.